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Release the native app on app store and unlock all powerful of the app builder.

What's included

  • Free 20 Extended Templates

  • Update Features without re-publishing

  • Configure app's Features without coding

  • Update Features without re-publishing

  • Upload App Name, Icon without coding

  • Auto-create Certificate, Provisioning, KeyStore

  • Lifetime use FluxBuilder

  • Premium customer support

Paid monthly

$49 USD

Frequently asked questions

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What is ShopBuilder used for?
We turn your eCommerce business into no-code native mobile apps by using Flutter framework. With the help of ShopBuilder app builder, you can easily build app both for iOS and Android OS users.
Who are the typical users of ShopBuilder?
ShopBuilder helps all types of e-commerce businesses, digital marketing agencies and freelance app developers..
What payment methods support on app?
The Payment method will work same as on your Shopify website via Webview.
What's your refund policy?
As we the app include the upload final app to the app stores, we don't offer refunds.
I do not have an Shopify website. Can I still use ShopBuilder platform to build a mobile app?
Unfortunately, you can not. First, you should start an ecommerce website by using Shopify. Then you need to integrate your e-commerce platform into ShopBuilder platform, in order to see how your mobile app would look like.
Is include the app source code or developer license?
No, the app only include the build service to help create the Shopify app and upload the final build to your own app stores.